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Race Plant is a game I made solo during CIGA Game Jam 2017 in Shenzhen, China. It's 48 hours game jam.

The theme is 

Game jam theme
Game jam theme

thus this game idea revolves around that.

Race Plant is not complete, but might have additional feature in the future. As of now, the game can offer complete playable gameplay with two players competing each other in a match to plant tree, water it, and collect its fruits for score. Who gets higher score within match's limited time wins!

See Code? section below if you want to see the code.

BEWARE: The game needs two XBox360 controllers to play in case of two players, or one controller in case you play alone (but the game is aimed for 2 players). The game doesn't support playing with keyboard on the same machine.

Key Control

XBox360 controller

  • B button to place down item on the ground, or if another player is nearby that item will be threw into hands of another player.
  • A button to restart the match when the current match is over


  • Z button to immediately restart the match even during the game


The amount you have paid to support this project will be to support my intention as I open sourced this project. So if you're developer, you can learn more about it in code level.

The tools I use are as follows

If the tools or technology to create this game are not aligned with your tech stack, you're still free to support the project!

Go to https://github.com/haxpor/race... to grab and see the code.

More Information

I wrote postmortem post about this project here included with dev process, iteration strategy, main artistic references, lots of gifs, what went right and wrong.


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